Advanced, Holistic Medicine and Nutrition from Doctors who Care


We take the the time (up to 5 times what is typically spent in primary care) to really understand your personal health journey. We will focus on the root causes of your symptoms that may have previously been unknown and uninvestigated. We will understand the goals you wish to achieve.

Diagnostic Testing

We can use state of the art testing to assess your individual genetic data, cardiovascular risks, essential nutrient deficiencies, hormone imbalances, chronic inflammation, stress, and gut microbiome diversity. These factors have been shown to significantly impact health. 

Personalised Medicine

Having built up a detailed picture of your life and health we will work with you to develop an evidence based personailsed nutritional and lifestyle plan. With the addition of targeted neutroceuticals this medicine has time and again proved immensely powerful in optimising health and treating chronic illness.

Meet Our Team

An integral part of Devon Lifestyle Medicine’s approach is a collaborative relationship between you and your doctor. We serve as your guide, helping you create sustainable health.

The only medical practice offering whole body care based on the latest scientific evidence

We provide a solution to revolving-door treatments and temporary fixes to complex chronic health problems. We aim to help you escape the cycle of medication dependency and manage your symptoms from the root cause.

We can identify your personal genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors that might be putting you at risk of chronic illness or are causing it.  Together we build a bespoke and sustainable plan for better health.